The Review Process in Numbers

So, the reviews are finally out. Time to recap.

We had 73 (valid) submissions from authors with affiliations from 15 countries (~40% of submissions coming from Japan, 10% from the USA, 10% from Germany, and the rest coming from Finland, New Zealand, South Korea, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Egypt, Hungary, Singapore, India, Norway, and France).

Of these submissions, 28 are accepted to the paper track. This makes our acceptance rate about 38%. Decisions were made over the course of three days by the Paper Chairs who discussed each submission. These discussions were largely based on the 320 reviews by Program Committee members (all papers received 3 reviews, 12 papers received 4 or more).

The accepted papers, by and large, follow the review scores. However, for papers scoring 3 or slightly above, Program Chairs had to make hard choices. Here, in communication with the General Chairs, we prioritized papers we felt would not easily fit within the scope of more traditional HCI venues. See the figure below for details.

Alt text